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Feb 9, 2010

About Learning

I have three teens enrolled at the highly-rated Cupertino schools. My background includes early studies of AI (i.e. Artificial Intelligence - the art of learning) at MIT.

Today's learning challenge is far more complex than our times in school - in the age of dinosaurs ;-) Their text books cover topics and terms that did not exist when we were in school - and the volume of terms can be overwhelming.

How can a passionate Dad help?
  • First, make learning fun
  • Second, supply a positive environment for spending time with their lessons
Further, learning is not just for students. As adults living in a time of rapid change, learning has become the cardinal rule.

The Keys platform has been designed for that purpose. My hope is that all users will spend more time with words and concepts, aided by the tireless search bots at Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What Keys Supplies

Each Keys game contains a set of words or phrases on a topic. For each word, the game supplies:
  • Slow spelling of the answer, one letter every 5 seconds.
  • Image results from Google search. Note that Google frequently supplies additional meanings of a term via returned images.
  • Optional images from Bing and Yahoo.
  • A clue - which can be the meaning or context of the answer.
  • The cheat sheet with a list of all the answers.

How to Play
  • Guess as many answers as you can in 5 minutes.
  • No negative points for incorrect or misspelled answers - only the lost of time.
  • Skip an answer by clicking OK without a guess.
  • After 5 minutes, the timer and counter stops. You can continue play to fully learn the set of answers.
  • With ten correct answers, the background turns green.
  • To restart the timer, click the restart button.
How We Help Learning
  • Fun, simple, and hopefully addictive.
  • High repetition
  • Association of answers with images, clues, and context
  • Active participation via typing
  • Group play among friends - learning is cool ;-)
Has the Keys game become the interactive version of Flash Cards? Half the price, twice the fun!

Your Help
  • Play Keys.
  • Tell friends.
  • Post at Facebook.
  • Tweet at social networks.
Thank you!

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