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Feb 8, 2010

Mobile Market

The web, accessed from laptops and desktops, is over one billion devices. But, the trend is flat to declining.

Mobile access has accelerated as wireless carriers have abandoned the limited, failed WAP model in favor of full browser access via webkit - complete with:
  • zooming to see full pages on small screens
  • touch option to replace mice and pointing devices
  • full Javascript for rich applications
  • HTML5, CSS3 to replace limited Flash applications
According to Neilsen, devices such as the iPhone, Android, and Palm already deliver one-third of web traffic. As Microsoft, RIM, and Nokia add support to webkit-like browsing, mobile web access will become the majority of web use.

This means major changes for applications, commerce, websites, web monitoring, and every aspect of web use.

Change is good. ;-)

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