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Feb 15, 2010

Mobile World Congress 2010

Lots of mobile news:
  • Windows Phone 7 devices will hit before the 2010 holidays. Hardware partners include Qualcomm, LG, Samsung, HP, HTC, Toshiba, Garmin Asus, Sony Ericsson, and Dell. Carriers slated to offer Windows Phone 7 devices include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange, Telefonica, and Telstra.
  • Wholesale Applications Community. Twenty four individual mobile companies are joining together to form the group, which will represent over three billion customers world-wide.
  • AIR for Android from Adobe.
  • Nokia and Intel have just announced the creation of MeeGo, a new Linux-based operating system.
  • Sprint said it was the first U.S. carrier to allow its customers to use GetJar, the world’s largest independent phone application store, with 60,000 apps. Read more here.
  • Samsung has a new smartphone out: it’s fast, it’s good looking, but most importantly, it sports an entirely new mobile OS developed by Samsung, called bada

No announcement reaches users immediately. Thus, Apple stock is UP.

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