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Jun 14, 2010

The Keys Learning Platform, and Seeking Partners

Education is a huge industry. Here is a sharpening of our focus to serve the diverse needs.

Education Stats

Roughly 5% of the $60 trillion, global GDP is spent on educating K through 12 students. Of the 20% of the population in this age group; 70% attend schools.

The US spends $500 billion or 5.7% of GDP on compulsory K-12 education. Additionally, 18 million students attend college which Hoover's estimates as a $475 billion industry. However, the US dominance of higher education could be as much as 2/3rds of the global total.

It's huge.

Diversity of Needs

Needs vary by age, subject, culture, and stage. The chart below summarizes the age, stage matrix.

age kidsteensadults

concept learning
keys+ partner website, video, or bookkeys+ partner website, video, or book

  • Although there are 13-grades and 4 years or more of college, learners have the innate ability to absorb facts far beyond the standards for their age group. Students in the Cupertino High Schools receive science instructions that exceed the levels taught at community colleges. Our current focus is primarily self-paced, supplemental learning.
  • To simplify, we have segmented learning targets into kids, teens, and adults - and allow learners to progress at their own pace. For example, the bio-series includes the Animals Collection for kids, Life Sciences and Biology for teens, and Bio AP for advanced high school and college use. The chem-series provides the same pattern with Kids Chem, Chemistry, and Chem AP.
  • Our focus has been mostly on advanced learning for teens and adults - where the subject matter tends toward more complexity. Kids have been well served by thousands of innovative mobiles apps. Teens and adults have been poorly served.
  • Subject diversity is limited in elementary school, covering the big-5 of language, math, science, history, and geography. We've already made strong progress to cover the entire spectrum of subject needs - and will continue to improve our coverage of core subjects.
  • For college and professional learning, the subjects bloom into the advanced details for thousands of courses where we seek partners.
  • In different countries, variations in culture may require different emphasis. Overall, the web has forced a level playing field. Anyone with the desire to compete has access to all knowledge. Thus, cultural differences in what we learn will diminish in importance. All learners need the internalized knowledge to compete on this global stage.
  • Learning includes stages that include comprehending concepts; memorizing and internalizing the terms; and unfortunately, the aspect of testing required by governments and some institutes of higher learning.
  • Thousands of apps cover testing and concept learning - the latter served via videos and innovative animations of concepts.
  • The core strengths of Keys has been the missing stage to aid memorization and internalization of thousands of complex terms.
The early 100,000 plus downloads that we have received is testimonial to the under-served needs for advanced learning among global users.

Seeking the Aha Moment

Ultimately, learning is personal.

Learners need the individual attention that helps them to overcome the personal barriers that block learning. As kids or adults, everyone has had those moments when the cloud of mystery clears to reveal true insight.

With the aid of a motivated teacher, tutor, professor, or mentor; a show on TV; the massive content on the web; or even one word that clarifies - we need many more aha moments.

Let's integrate the technology lessons to help that process.

Calling for Parters

Although we've made efforts to introduce concepts through concept maps and flow selectors - integrating Keys with the concepts best taught through videos, textbooks, and/or websites would better serve the needs of individual learners.

Do you have the passion to better serve learners?

Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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