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Jul 6, 2010

Keys Learning Activities

All apps have been updated to include the new, slide-show activity to aid learning.

More About Learning

We've improved our focus on learning.
  • Flow selectors group relevant terms into chapters and sections. Unlike an alphabetical glossary that makes the list of terms long and cumbersome, grouping puts terms into topic context which aids learning.
  • Association of terms with images from search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo accelerate understanding and comprehension with what academics call unconscious competence development. This is the painless way to learn.
  • When terms have multiple meanings outside of the context of the target subject, the search services provide more rich images, as well. The alert user notes the variations and develops conscious competence of the term when used in a context different from the target subject.
  • Repetition - more time-spent with relevant terms converts to both conscious and unconscious competence
  • Kinesthetic learning from touch, typed spelling, active selection of terms - and even flipping from page to page has a similar impact on learning as the repetitive homework that requires writing of words or notes about a subject
Most importantly, the mobile devices themselves have helped learning. We've observed groups crowd around one device, changing the public image to learning is cool. This is wonderful.

Keys Learning Activities

Each Keys app targets a subject and an age-group - ie kids, teens, adults. Activities within the app support learning.
  • Learn is a slide show activity to review the terms of a subject. (More below.)
  • Spin uses a slot-machine model to show terms. Although conservative educators may object to the gambling image, this activity has been the most used, probably because of the simplicity of the model. Frequent use means learning - which is a good outcome.
  • Match is the classic concentration game. The game itself teaches focus. Paying attention earns the reward of finding the matching images - and the unconscious memorization of the target term.
  • Guess is our original, innovative Pictionary with search robots game/activity. Robots tirelessly supply images based on a term. What term was used to generate the image results?
We'll continue expanding the set of activities to keep learning fresh for all users.

Learning Slide Show

The latest activity simulates flash cards with our unique presentation twist.
  • Each card presents a term and its definition.
  • Images are pulled from search engines to support the presentation.
  • Unlike the other activities, we've pulled a high resolution image from Microsoft Bing for this activity. This has the positive effect of better images - but the negative result of slower image access - particularly when used with slow 3G networks and/or slow image servers. If this problem is wide-spread, we may change to low resolution images for this activity.
  • Every image is a live link to the source. Users can learn more about a term by tapping the image.
In summary, embedded search results uniquely support our implementation of the classic flash card model. We call this the expandable flash card (excard) model. Isn't this the right model for web learning?

App Upgrades

Each mobile platform has different processes for upgrades. For most, the upgrade is automatic and there is no additional fee. Click here to see an example.

Happy learning!

PS: Over 100,000 visitors play monthly at Keep up the good work ;-)

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Update: In March 2011, we have 1,700,000 downloads ;-)

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