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Aug 18, 2010

FAQ for Keys

What is Keys?

Keys is a unique, learning platform for advanced and casual subjects. Like coffee table books, our apps provide a light, valued mix of entertainment, gaming, and learning.

Device support

What device are supported?

Keys is compatible with webkit browsers, such as the iPhone, Safari, Palm webos, and Blackberry OS6. Desktop browsers that use webkit include Safari and Chrome. Desktop browsers do not support the multi-touch experience - only mouse clicks.

What is webkit?

Webkit is a fast animation platform created and supported by Apple and Google.

Is Keys compatible with Firefox, Sony Netfront, Nokia MiniMap, or Opera?

Yes, but users would not gain the full experience.

Is Keys compatible with Explorer?

Yes, but some functions may not be supported by older browsers.


Keys downloads, but does not work

Turn on the Javascript option on your device.

Loading is slow on 3G

Some mobile networks are overwhelmed by too many users. Switch to Wi-Fi to cache page loads. Once a page is cached, performance is very fast over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Low Res Images

Too many slow servers combined with constricted 3G networks forced us to reduce the resolution of selected photos. Sorry ;-)

The quality of the image depends on the image enhancement technologies that are built into your browser. For Palm and iPhone users, the quality should be excellent.

Also, we've switched back to Google Images for far more relevant images. Thus, we've ended our experiment with a secondary image source.

Mobile Apps

Is Keys a game?

Yes, Keys is a game, but our focus is primarily to support learning - not advanced gaming.

How do I get Keys

Search for TEARN at all popular mobile stores. Download and tap to use.

How do I get support?

If needed, click contact below and send email.


What's your policy on privacy?

We don't ask you to login, submit your email, or collect any information about our 600,000+ visitors. Learn in peace ;-) Ads from Google does create cookies on your browser that does track your browsing behavior.

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