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Aug 8, 2010

Keys, the Advanced Learning Platform

Keys is an advanced, unique learning platform that simplifies complex subjects, aids memorization, and improves your scores on public exams.

Unlike trivial, boring glossary lists, Keys centralizes and livens the wealth of information on the web directly onto your touch device with a tap.
  • Our thoughtful concept maps organize hundreds of terms into chapters and units - telling stories that simplify learning via subject context
  • Unique flow selectors ease access to terms and chapters
  • Each term has a subject specific definition with live links to relevant web pages
  • Terms use age appropriate words for kids, teens, and adults - depending on the specific app
  • Supporting images from search embed with no typing required - to associate terms with thousands of rich, graphical representations on the web, thus promoting unconscious competence (ie painless learning)
  • Classic flash card, match, and slots activities maintain interest during repetitive exposure - while stimulating kinesthetic neural bonds in your memory cortex
  • Innovative Pictionary with a search-bot game for testing comprehension
  • Unique, responsive animations for the best user experience on touch devices
Keys makes learning fun for all ages.

Customer Comments

Here are some of the comments that we have collected from reviews, emails, and other communications:
  • 'What a wonderful idea,' Becky Drummond, Santa Cruz, CA
  • 'Greetings from down under. Love this app,' Byron Smith, Melbourne
  • 'Surprised by the impact of this app. New words appear in my social conversations, unconsciously. Great,' Liz Chung, New York, NY
  • 'A true pleasure to see my child spending so much time with the SAT app,' Katy French, Atlanta GA
  • 'Bio AP with thousands of terms - bring it on...,' Kevin Rowland, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • 'Silence and learning while driving to the beach, two birds with one stone,' Pam Benzine, Los Altos, CA
  • 'We would like to convert your apps to Chinese,' Irene Cheng, Shanghai, CN
  • 'Down side is my kids justify using my phone all the time,' David Larson, New York, NY
  • 'Both my senior and myself have been learning/re-learning chemistry with this app. Thks,' M. Brophy, London, UK
  • 'As a developer, I initially down rated this app. After using it for a month, I changed to up rate. Congrads,' M. Malik, San Jose, CA 'Some of the pictures seem off topic. Overall it's brilliant,' Phil Chin, Boston, MA
  • 'Great for learning English as second language,' Tanzier, India
  • 'Memorization has been my weakness. This app makes it easy,' Bob Cohn, Montreal, CN
  • 'Broke 100 on the game. Wanted to tell someone,' Edward C., San Jose, CA
  • 'My son gained 87 points on his second SAT. Don't know how much this app has helped,' Lisa Ting, Saratoga, CA
  • 'Highly recommend these apps,', Gil Roberts, Palo Alto, CA
Join the 100,000 plus who have downloaded Keys apps.

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