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Oct 7, 2010

The Incredible Puppies App - Top Coffee Table App

This incredible collection of 3,000 images for 300 breeds of puppies has zoomed to 10,000 downloads in two weeks - the best coffee-table app from Keys. Go figure ;-)

Coffee-Table AppTM

Recently, at a dentist office, five parents were waiting, but each was active with their touch phones. Hundreds of magazines covered the tables - un-touched.

Is this another death blow to publishing?

Many of our apps use the coffee-table book or magazine theme. Each app is heavy with photographs - and equivalent to a publication with 500 to 5,000 pages. Since the app is 100% digital, it's much lighter than a book, delivers more value, and saves trees and our environment.

The coffee-table apps are designed for light education and light entertainment -- to fill in the precious free moments while watching TV, waiting for a doctor, or riding in the car. Simple games allow interaction with terms that lead to memorization and learning.

The apps reveal the richness of images and information when sourced from millions of volunteers who maintain the vast data bank that is the global web. Google ranks the best, which we present to our users. Thus, each app is like a social network using where millions participate to keep the web relevant and current.

Of course, we also supply apps that tackle serious subjects - like vocabulary learning, biology, chemistry, and the arts. Bookmark your favorites!

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