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Jan 15, 2011

Version 5 of Keys - Adding Youtube Videos

We've added video content to every term of every app. Select the Watch button to select videos.

Brief History of Keys: Millions of Points of Light

Keys is a new publishing platform that reveals the depth and breadth of the global web - and enables information discovery, entertainment, and true learning.

The web has become millions of daily voices - updated via websites, blogs, and social networks. Search allows missle-like access to the most common content; but the breadth and depth of the global web has still been poorly served. Great content and voices are frequently buried among the billions of pages that is the global web.

The Keys platform has compiled over 600 subjects into apps - where the breadth and depth of each subject is made easily accessible to users. Our combined apps cover a vocabulary of over 30,000 terms - when the average adult learns some 20,000 over a lifetime.

Each app explores the breadth of a subject and digs to the depth of the web. Activities aid the memorization of terms - that leads to true learning - versus the brief browsing that is easily forgotten. Over one million apps have been downloaded. Thank you.

Version 5 With Video

As many mobile networks have upgraded to 3G and 4G performance, we have extended Keys beyond photo collections to video streams. Our search reveals all publicly available videos. Of course, most of the videos are hosted by Youtube courtesy of Google.

The net effect is that video doubles the content available for every subject and every term. From recipe choices, to biology lessons, to word definitions, to travel destinations, to sports trivia - you have more content available with a tap.

  • Tap the Watch button to access the video collection.
  • Select a video by tapping one image.
  • Flick the page or use the flow selector to select new terms and more video choices.

  • Has Keys become the multimedia portal for learning by subject?

    It's Green

    Please share the battle song - every download saves a shrub, a can of oil, possibly a dolphin, and one mind.

    PS: Total downloads have passed 1,100,000. Thank you.

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