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Mar 11, 2011

Customize and Share Keys

We've added features to customize and share Keys mobile apps. Here are the details.

Customize Keys
  • Tap Share Keys at to reveal the input box.
  • Tap the box to enter any keyword term. e.g. type in your own name.
  • Tap the add button.

  • The term is added to the table of contents; and your app shows the search results. This feature is available for use in Learn, Watch, Match, and Slots; but not Guess.

    Add and Share Terms

    You can select any term from an app, and share that term with friends at Facebook, Twitter, or via email - including custom terms.

  • Select a term.
  • Tap the Facebook, Twitter, or Email button.
  • Complete the post at those websites.

  • As an example, add yourself to a celebrity list of sports, music, or movie stars and share with friends;-)

    Advanced Customization

    Here are the features of the advanced customization.

  • Any keyword becomes a new term.
  • Keywords separated by commas or semicolons become a term list. e.g. red; blue; green The list can be very long.
  • Don't use semicolons, colons, and at-signs as part of your keywords and clues.
  • Edit the search list to replace your custom changes.
  • Replace with a blank list to delete your edits.
  • A keyword can have a custom clue. Use the colon (ie :) to separate the term and clue. e.g. John Doe:He is a ham or Mary:Sweet hear.;John:What a joker!
  • Each keyword can have a custom search term that is different from the keyword. Use the at-sign (ie @) to separate the term and search phrase. e.g. Me@John Doe or Me@John Doe:What a joker!

  • Technical Details

    Customize-and-share uses the new bookmarking feature. It's supported on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry OS6, and most modern browsers.

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