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May 16, 2011

KidBook by TEARN

Keys by TEARN has become the leading publisher with over two million downloads in the teen to adult edutainment segment. KidBook by TEARN targets the K-6 segment among mobile apps. How will we dominate this new segment?

About Keys by TEARN

Among teens, high-schoolers, and adults - we saw a wide niche for learning complex subjects that was under-served. Trivial metaphors, such as flash cards, fail to adequately address subjects such as the 3,500 words of our biology series; 5,000 SAT vocabulary words; and hundreds of spices or cocktail recipes.

Over two million users have downloaded Keys by TEARN - providing testimonial to our leadership of this segment.

Extending Learning to Kids

For K-6 (i.e. kindergarden through six grade,) we've streamlined the interface with more graphics and fewer words - removing features such as customization and sharing. The unique, robust, animated publishing interface that allows users to intuitively select terms, swipe to turn pages, and navigate among tasks is easy to use for both kids and adults.

Most importantly, we've created unique content to match K-6 needs with suitable clues to match their level of learning.

Although the K-6 segment has a lot of competitors, we find that most lack depth and detailing. The KidBook focus to simplify each subject has allowed the original, detailed design of our core learn, watch, spin, match, and guess tasks to shine through - amplifying the hi-res images, unique animations, layouts, and depth of levels for every app. A single KidBook task can compete with a full app from others - with our hundreds of levels instead of three; unique, cross-platform animations rather than the simple animations supplied by the software platform; and dozens of the best-of-the-best, evergreen images instead of the one cartoon on a flash card. BTW, the images are awesome.

Every app is still equivalent in value to 150+ page books, but delivers far more interaction in support of learning - an incredible value for K-6 kids.

KidBook Release Schedule

In the coming week, we are coordinating with the best of the mobile stores to vet and release KidBook by TEARN. Every app will be an affordable 99 cents.

For a review copy by qualified bloggers or editors, plase send email to me.

Thanks for your continuing support of our learning initiative.

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