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Aug 24, 2012

Apple awarded $1 billion in Samsung patent infringement case

SAN JOSE - Apple Inc. won an overwhelming victory over rival Samsung Electronics Co. in a widely watched federal patent battle, a decision that some worry could stymie competition in the fast-moving markets for smartphones and computer tablets.


Unknown said...

Rather than fewer options, the judgement should push for better options - which is good for society. It's time to end the Asian practice to simply copy what works - and copy poorly. Good riddance to the garbage phones that make smartphones look bad as a category.

Unknown said...

We need to make sure that small innovators as well can fight against the big guys who rip them off and have deep pockets to fight in court forever.

Unknown said...

Samsung email blatantly said to copy the iPhone. If a writer copied every word of an article, is that a violation that should be protected by law?

Diana said...

@Henry Blodget: It's clear that Samsung has copied the iPhone/iPad. Their internal email states such. There are two issues: 1) whether Apple's patents should be valid. 2) whether this decision hurts consumers.

1) If the law allowed anyone to copy a writer's words in full, is that the right law? Why should IP protection not protect Apple's rights?
It would seem that the press has a double standard on this issue.

2) Fewer choices hurt consumers. However, bad imitations of the iPhone dupes consumers into buying garbage. This applies to 80% of the Android phones; and similar percentage of the Blackberry's that tried to match the iPhone cool. Why does allowing pathetic clones to proliferate helps consumers?

Read more:

Diana said...

There is persistent theme among a minority to hate $aapl. Why?

They are the largest company in the world, and the most profitable.

Despite a smaller share of smartphones, they dominate the use with 62% of the mobile surfing. In orther words, people love using the iPhone; and swamp out the clone use despite larger share among Android devices.

With iPad, they dominate share, use, and threaten the legacy laptop business.

By persisting with hateful statements, are you losing personal credibility?

iPad Mini Mounts said...

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