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Aug 21, 2012

Using moAPPo for Online Ordering from Mobile Apps

MoAPPo enables online ordering from smartphones like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, and many featured phones using a webapp. It's simple to use - and takes only one minute to complete the set-up; and seconds to place an order.

Step-by-step Account Set-up

  • Sign in - Use your email to sign in. A 4-digit, easily changeable pin protects the account. The email is saved on your phone to reduce steps for new orders.

  • Save payment data - Tap the Secure Profile tab to enter your credit card details. MoAPPo accepts Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover. When an order is placed, the 3 to 4 digit CVC code from the back of the card is required. This CVC code is like a pin number that protects your account. This information is not saved on the phone or in our database.

  • Save time - Order by selecting items from the menu.

    Time Saving Features

    Once the account has been created, you can sign into any of the restaurants in the MoAPPo network, like the 15% of the best restaurants in Cupertino.

    For re-orders, it's a few taps from your wallet of past orders.

    Triply Security

    Every account is triply secured: via the passcode on your phone, the pin to your account, and the CVC code for your credit card. Yet, it's simple for the owner of the account to remember this information.

    Merchant Contact

    For merchant contact with MoAppo - eg to add your location, menu; please send email to djc8080 at

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