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Sep 11, 2012

MoAppo: Food ordering from animated, mobile menus

Restaurant owners want mobile apps for food ordering. However, in the haste to create apps, are we ignoring an analysis of the targeted customer?

Mobile Menu on Small Devices

The best customers have smartphones, like the Apple iPhone, Google Android phones, Blackberry, and other models. When compared to websites, the available display space has been reduced to less than 10% of any existing device. As a result, all software providers have reduced the menu to a text only product, with a postage-sized image, at best.

Even worse, owners are depending on their POS supplier to create consumer products. These companies don’t have consumer experience - and never worked with the limitations of mobile devices.

Does these shortcuts make sense?

Targeting Regular or New Customers

If the customer is a regular customer, then the text menu works - since the customer already knows the available menu. However, if the purpose is to gain new customers, does textual description engage these potential new customers?

Further, professional photographers would explain the challenge of food photos. They are boring. Even though the chef is proud of their creations, the static image does not differentiate nor distinguish the product for purchase via a digital source.

Faced with the triple challenge to deliver images to small devices; a customer that would not respond to textual descriptions; and boring food photos - what’s the answer?

Animated, Crowd-Sourced Slideshows

Followers of Keys by TEARN have seen our progress with overcoming the problems to crowd-source images from the Internet; bring high-resolution images to small devices; and present boring pictures as an engaging slideshow. MoAPPo by TEARN brings the same, patent-pending method to presenting food menus. We are the only company to provide this exciting approach.

This engages new customers to try restaurant dishes. Short of smella-vision, this is the best solution.

Case Studies

New customers want to discover cool places. If it’s crowded, they then assume that the food is good. Try searching on JJ Hawaiian BBQ, Cupertino or Village Falafel, Cupertino. Does the results suggest a cool place to try?

These are two of many businesses where we have seen the dramatically improvement in business after a digital makeover. We have already shown significant results, but it’s really a starting point as we work with our favorite restaurants to compete with digital marketing.

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