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Mar 3, 2011

Automatic Bookmarks for Keys Mobile Apps

Automatic bookmarking of each app has been released to iPhone, Android, Palm, Blackberry, Chrome, Safari, and other platforms. It's a significant change for the user experience and a new feature that allows rapid release of more enhancements.

Fat Library of E-books

Each Keys mobile app is a collection of 30 to 200 terms, hundreds of images and videos, and activities like Learn, Watch, Spin, Match, and Guess that aid learning and memorization. When compared to e-books, each app can have thousands of pages - ie thicker than the textbook to the right.

As our library has expanded to over 600 apps, we needed a better way to track the status in each app.

The automatic bookmark feature has no user interface - it just works. When you select a term, that bookmarked term travels from activity to activity. When you restart an app, the last term shows immediately. In short, it's a bookmark.

The Technical Details

We use local storage, a feature that is supported by the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch (v2 or better); Android (v2+); HP Palm (all versions); Blackberry (version 5+); Safari (v4+); Chrome (v4+); Opera (v10+); Firefox (v3.5+); and Explorer (v8+). Other browsers from Japan and Nokia may support the same feature. IE6, IE7, older Firefox browsers won't have the automatic bookmarking.

Using local storage, we'll be able to release many more features that enhance the learning experience.

PS: A belated thank you to the 1,500,000 users who have downloaded Keys. And a special thank to the Amazon tech who suggested this approach to improving the user experience.

Jan 7, 2011

Snapshot of Keys Users from Android/Linux, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, and iPhone

Pageviews by Operating Systems
414,581 (34%)
285,090 (23%)
249,240 (20%)

Nov 18, 2010

Minor Fix for Blackberry Torch and Windows Mobile 7 Users

Although the new browsers from Blackberry and Microsoft each claim full support for HTML5, these new browsers still have quirks that blacken the real experience of a true HTML5 platform such as our coffee-table apps. Multi-touch and animation services are lagging, and some simple bugs have not been corrected by these companies.

As interim support for these users, we have added a new row of buttons to support these incomplete browsers. Blackberry and Window users can use these buttons and the Blackberry mouse, rather than the flow selectors and touch scrolling. Hopefully, Microsoft and RIM will fix their respective problems and we can eliminate these work arounds.

Aug 31, 2010

#1 Android apps for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL vocab prep at Appolicious

Blackberry OS6 Review
RT @bbgeeks Learn and have fun on your BlackBerry with Keys | BB Geeks
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