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Sep 11, 2012

MoAppo: Food ordering from animated, mobile menus

Restaurant owners want mobile apps for food ordering. However, in the haste to create apps, are we ignoring an analysis of the targeted customer?

Mobile Menu on Small Devices

The best customers have smartphones, like the Apple iPhone, Google Android phones, Blackberry, and other models. When compared to websites, the available display space has been reduced to less than 10% of any existing device. As a result, all software providers have reduced the menu to a text only product, with a postage-sized image, at best.

Even worse, owners are depending on their POS supplier to create consumer products. These companies don’t have consumer experience - and never worked with the limitations of mobile devices.

Does these shortcuts make sense?

Targeting Regular or New Customers

If the customer is a regular customer, then the text menu works - since the customer already knows the available menu. However, if the purpose is to gain new customers, does textual description engage these potential new customers?

Further, professional photographers would explain the challenge of food photos. They are boring. Even though the chef is proud of their creations, the static image does not differentiate nor distinguish the product for purchase via a digital source.

Faced with the triple challenge to deliver images to small devices; a customer that would not respond to textual descriptions; and boring food photos - what’s the answer?

Animated, Crowd-Sourced Slideshows

Followers of Keys by TEARN have seen our progress with overcoming the problems to crowd-source images from the Internet; bring high-resolution images to small devices; and present boring pictures as an engaging slideshow. MoAPPo by TEARN brings the same, patent-pending method to presenting food menus. We are the only company to provide this exciting approach.

This engages new customers to try restaurant dishes. Short of smella-vision, this is the best solution.

Case Studies

New customers want to discover cool places. If it’s crowded, they then assume that the food is good. Try searching on JJ Hawaiian BBQ, Cupertino or Village Falafel, Cupertino. Does the results suggest a cool place to try?

These are two of many businesses where we have seen the dramatically improvement in business after a digital makeover. We have already shown significant results, but it’s really a starting point as we work with our favorite restaurants to compete with digital marketing.

Contact Us With Your Questions

If you have questions, contact djc8080 at

Aug 24, 2012

Impact of Parking on Restaurant Revenues

Restaurant owners agonize over the foods they serve and managing their staff. What about the impact of parking on their business?

Too Little Parking

Some restaurants pick the most popular locations. Crowds visit everyday; however, there is less parking than the total seating capacity of all the restaurants. Such is the case for the popular Marketplace mall in Cupertino, CA, as well as the new strip mall near the Cupertino High School.

Despite paying higher rents for the popular location, many of the restaurant owners discover that they gain fewer customers because of the parking limitations.

Too Much Parking

Conversely, you've seen these signs that restrict parking to customers only. These municipal codes are rarely enforced.

So, what's the solution?

Mobile Apps for Improving Takeout Productivity

Mobile apps allow customers to pre-order, double-park, and receive their foods. This has improved the service for those restaurants with limited parking spaces.

With the latter case of parking used by neighbors, we found that with active enforcement, business improved 30% for J&J Hawaiian BBQ, also in Cupertino. People often parked in their lot and eat at a sandwich shop next door. By enforcing politely, customers now have a substantial parking problem. Once parked, customers have a choice to leave and find parking; or eat at J&J. Half opted to eat at J&J.

Also, with more space available, regular customers found it easier to get in and out. Because the parking lot is friendlier to trucks, such as ambulances, large vans, and towed vehicles - the spot has become like a popular truck-stop.

Between the better image/service from mobile apps and enforcement of the parking, J&J's business has doubled this summer over the same time last summer.

Contact Us

For merchant contact with MoAppo, please send email to djc8080 at

Aug 21, 2012

Using moAPPo for Online Ordering from Mobile Apps

MoAPPo enables online ordering from smartphones like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, and many featured phones using a webapp. It's simple to use - and takes only one minute to complete the set-up; and seconds to place an order.

Step-by-step Account Set-up

  • Sign in - Use your email to sign in. A 4-digit, easily changeable pin protects the account. The email is saved on your phone to reduce steps for new orders.

  • Save payment data - Tap the Secure Profile tab to enter your credit card details. MoAPPo accepts Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover. When an order is placed, the 3 to 4 digit CVC code from the back of the card is required. This CVC code is like a pin number that protects your account. This information is not saved on the phone or in our database.

  • Save time - Order by selecting items from the menu.

    Time Saving Features

    Once the account has been created, you can sign into any of the restaurants in the MoAPPo network, like the 15% of the best restaurants in Cupertino.

    For re-orders, it's a few taps from your wallet of past orders.

    Triply Security

    Every account is triply secured: via the passcode on your phone, the pin to your account, and the CVC code for your credit card. Yet, it's simple for the owner of the account to remember this information.

    Merchant Contact

    For merchant contact with MoAppo - eg to add your location, menu; please send email to djc8080 at

  • Aug 15, 2012

    Consumer Habit Change - Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

    Mobile commerce is the latest technology trend. Will the user adoption be evolutionary or revolutionary?

    Legacy Behavior Change

    Traditionally, change evolves through multiple phases. Customer learning time, small changes in user-interface, and account set-up times become barriers to adoption.

    More recently, customers have dropped mice in favor of touch screens; eliminated the need for floppy disks and hard drives; and integrated their cameras, music box, game players, and cell phone into one smartphone. Sea-change has occurred at an unbelievable pace.

    Which pattern applies for mobile commerce?

    Phone In Takeout Orders

    Today, some customers make a phone call to request takeout orders. With foreign workers handling the phone line, ordering by voice can be difficult to get the exact order correct. Further, customers usually call when the restaurant is busy - thus, resulting in slower services.

    We believe many of these customers have switched to online ordering. For pizza, over 32% is already via online sources. It's a small habit change to switch from online to mobile ordering. These customers will lead the wave to mobile commerce adoption.

    Wait, Wait, Wait

    Most customers like to wait in lines: wait to get the menu, wait to order, wait to pay, and wait to receive foods.

    The cool pattern is to find a seat, order/pay via an app, and relax with their meal and conversation. Surprisingly, this has been a tough habit to overcome.

  • Some customers complain that this is jumping the line. Doesn't the phone-in order jump the line as well?

  • Some customers like the interaction with the owner. Ironically, if the owner takes fewer orders, won't they have more time to socialize with their customers?

  • Most customers simply admit that it's cool, but they forget to use the app.

    Mobile commerce improves the restaurant ambiance - as cashiers and waitresses become less hasseled, and more service friendly.


    MoAppo is early in the adoption curve. We believe that we need to be prepared for rapid adoption. Only time will tell.
  • Aug 11, 2012

    MoAppo Platform for Mobile Commerce

    The next big wave for technology is mobile commerce. What are the platform challenges to service this pioneering market?

    Designing the MoAppo system for storing a catalog of products or food items; and allowing users to order and pay for items has been a trivial problem. Designing the true killer platform requires resolving a multitude of moving parts.

    Let's get started.

    Engaging Animated Menu

    Most menus have, at most, a single, lo-res, small picture for each food item. As a result, the menus are boring, uninteresting, and fail to engage users. In addition, most photographers will tell us that shots of food are boring, at best.

    Using the unique, tested methods from our Keys by TEARN edutainment platform (ie over 8 million downloads), we crowd-source relevant, hi-res slide-shows for every product and item in a menu. This creates an engaging presentation that allows new customers to discover interesting, new dishes. The slide show easily replaces thousands of words - and get the salivary glands working.

    This single feature already makes MoAppo the technical leader in mobile commerce.

    Cross Platform Services Using HTML5

    Most competitors choose between the WAP platform - which works on any featured phone, but without images; and native support for single platforms - like the iPhone. Neither approach has gained much success.

    Using our unique, cross-platform methods for animating the menu (ie the cool, sideways elevator bounce) that supports iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Windows, advanced feature phones, and online use - extends our technical leadership far beyond any existing competitor.

    Is this the right mix of cool versus functional support? Time will tell.

    Secured Payment and Enterprise Reporting

    A payment platform requires security against users, devices, man-in-the-middle, and server attacks. Such platforms often are burdened so badly that a single server can only handle a few hundred transactions per second.

    We have chosen to use the NoSQL and NodeJS platforms that dominate the modern social media and mobile gaming technologies. With a multitude of innovations, we have produced a secured system that has unique self-healing, live-reporting, redundant paths to the end-points at retail locations; while having a robust structure that can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. No other company matches the maturity of our platform.

    Note that this is a 10,000x improvement over legacy systems.

    What's Next

    The system has been tested with a dozen merchants, without a single fail, over the past two months.

    In summary, the MoAppo Platform has required half a dozen, patent-pending methods that supply the services for mobile commerce. Stay tuned to follow our progress with this latest venture.
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