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Aug 2, 2011

Apps for the Fair Sex

More crowd-sourced, predictive magazines for the fair sex.

Customize and share with your friends. Tap here, to learn more about sharing.

Jul 2, 2011

Summer of Health from Keys By TEARN

A collection of apps to promote health using our crowd-sourced, predictive magazine format - including a KidBook for healthy eating.

Share the summer with your friends. Add and share your favorite destinations. Tap here, to learn more about sharing.

Mar 16, 2011

Outdoor Sports Section

Spring signals the start of the hunting, fishing, and camping season in many regions of the world. Tap to to take virtual tours; and learn about the gear and games of your favorite sport.

Feb 5, 2011

Superbowl XLV Weekend

Are you ready for the superbowl? Pittsburg Steelers versus the Green Bay Packers, who's going to win? Tap on the images below to download your apps.


Feb 4, 2011

Gifts for Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's day on February 14th! Here's an app to explore gifts for Valentine's Day .

Oct 30, 2010

New Humor and Issues Sections

We've added sections for humor and issues. The latter is similar to oped in a publication.


Oct 16, 2010

New, Food section with 50 apps, 25,000 recipes

We've added a new section to the Keys Gallery to highlight 50 apps containing links to 25,000 recipes around the world. Take a look!


Cooking books are one of the largest segments for the book industry. Tens of thousands of books are published each year and sell tens of millions of copies. Unfortunately, each book kills trees, uses oil, and damages our environment.

Each of our 50 apps is equivalent to one 400-page book. Every download saves a shrub, a can of oil, possibly a dolphin, and one mind. That's one good motivation to produce so many apps with links to such a huge library of recipes.

Rather than accumulating more cook books for your coffee table, wouldn't apps on your phone or tablet be more convenient and better for the world?

Concept Map for Foods

Recipes allow inexpensive vacations - a discovery through the foods we eat. The apps allow us to explore various lifestyles and understand our connections with cultures around the world through the foods that we eat or would like to enjoy.

Each app highlights one food ingredients (ie beef, pork, chicken, seafood, desserts) by countries of the world (eg Europe, the Americas, Asia)
  • Download any app to find more apps.
  • Tap the left flow selector for the list of countries.
  • Review the photos. Tap the photo to visit a website for the recipe.
  • Tap the right flow selector for recipes by food ingredient.
  • When you see an app you like, bookmark for easy access from your phone or tablet.
Thus, this app becomes a 400-page book with 400 top recipes for desserts from Europe. This app is a 400-page book with 400 top recipes for fish from Asia. There's even an app for 400 bug recipes. ;-)

Simple, useful, enjoyable - like any coffee-table book, but without killing our environment. Find your favorites.

Apps are Not Perfect

These apps also highlight the immaturity of web development for different regions of the world. For example, here's an app for the cuisine of India. For the majority of these large city destinations, the photos don't link to recipes. Most of India is still not on the web.

We've released these apps as a social statement so that we can observe the progress of the web in large developing nations, such as India. Watch as these photographs become relevant in the coming years - as India adapts to the web.

Oh, BTW, these ebooks are free. Enjoy!

Oct 13, 2010

eBook of 400 Mobile Phones from Around the Globe

Here is another coffee-table app with 400 pages of images of mobile phones from around the globe - green, simple, convenient. It's the dynamic story of the fast rate of change for wireless communications. Check back regularly to see the changes from around the world.

Oct 11, 2010

Dance Tour for a GreenWorld

We've released another series of coffee-table apps. This set of apps presents a tour of dancing across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Commonwealth of Nations. The last app includes Australia, Africa, and Oceania nations. Touch the right image to access.

Enjoy and learn the different styles of dance across our globe.

GreenWorld Apps

Each app download replaces a 400-page coffee-table book that saves a shrub, a can of oil, possibly a dolphin, and one mind.

Download more!

Bookmark and keep your favorite coffee-table app on your phone ;-)

Oct 2, 2010

Updated the Travel Apps - Mostly Free

Updated our travel apps with more information per page, more relevant images, and more apps.

Also opened new series for three large tourist regions:

  • United Kingdom
  • California
  • Caribbean

  • Enjoy!

    Sep 12, 2010

    Sports Trivia Series of Apps

    For the sport-holics, we've started a sports trivia series of apps with facts, stats, and events merged with the live images sourced from millions active on the web.

    The first releases include:

  • 500 term Golf Trivia app
  • 1,100 term Tennis Trivia app
  • 1,000 term Baseball Trivia app

  • Enjoy the learning!

    Feb 14, 2010

    Feb 13, 2010

    Language learning

    Test apps for learning European languages.

    Feb 12, 2010

    Hot Jobs Game

    Top 100 jobs by title, added to the Life section.

    Travel Section Released

    Started the new travel section. Released the classic capitals guessing game; states; and European, Asian, and American countries.

    Feb 9, 2010

    Keys - the Search Game

    First game, sampler of mammals. Be careful with the different breeds of monkey and horse cousins ;-)

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