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Aug 24, 2012

Impact of Parking on Restaurant Revenues

Restaurant owners agonize over the foods they serve and managing their staff. What about the impact of parking on their business?

Too Little Parking

Some restaurants pick the most popular locations. Crowds visit everyday; however, there is less parking than the total seating capacity of all the restaurants. Such is the case for the popular Marketplace mall in Cupertino, CA, as well as the new strip mall near the Cupertino High School.

Despite paying higher rents for the popular location, many of the restaurant owners discover that they gain fewer customers because of the parking limitations.

Too Much Parking

Conversely, you've seen these signs that restrict parking to customers only. These municipal codes are rarely enforced.

So, what's the solution?

Mobile Apps for Improving Takeout Productivity

Mobile apps allow customers to pre-order, double-park, and receive their foods. This has improved the service for those restaurants with limited parking spaces.

With the latter case of parking used by neighbors, we found that with active enforcement, business improved 30% for J&J Hawaiian BBQ, also in Cupertino. People often parked in their lot and eat at a sandwich shop next door. By enforcing politely, customers now have a substantial parking problem. Once parked, customers have a choice to leave and find parking; or eat at J&J. Half opted to eat at J&J.

Also, with more space available, regular customers found it easier to get in and out. Because the parking lot is friendlier to trucks, such as ambulances, large vans, and towed vehicles - the spot has become like a popular truck-stop.

Between the better image/service from mobile apps and enforcement of the parking, J&J's business has doubled this summer over the same time last summer.

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